Pink Programming


Pink Programming was founded in 2015 to organize camps where women could learn to program in an inspiring and undemanding environment. The founders of Pink Programming are three female developers who wished for more female colleagues in the industry and want to spread programming fun to more people! Pink Programming’s goal is to get more women to program, and the target audience for their events is therefore all women-identified, whether they are girls, aunts, ladies, cis or trans. Their events are, of course, also open to those who do not identify themselves as women but, because of gender identity, do not feel represented among programmers.


Aeronautics / Space, Agriculture & Energy, Bio Chem Tech, Commerce / Retail, Consultancy & Project Management, Creative industries (arts, culture, entertainment), Daily life, Disaster management, Environment & Climate, Financial services, Health & Wellbeing, Maritime industry, Mobility, NGOs & Social Ventures, Study / Education & Learning, Tourism, Textiles & Fashion, Work /employment
Job Types
IT Support, Computer Programmer, Quality Assurance Tester, Software Developer, System Analyst, Network Engineer, IT Technician, UI/UX/Graphics Designer, Database Expert, Computer Scientist, IT/Cyber Security Specialist, Data Scientist/Analyst/Engineer, IT Director/manager, Cloud Expert/File & storage management, Multimedia Artist, Entrepreneur/start-upper, Customer support & relations, Other
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