W3Schools offers courses covering all aspects of web development. W3Schools also publishes free HTML templates. It is, however, more than a school for web developers, since it covers all the aspects of web development, like HTML, CSS, SQL, Python, PHP etc. It is also a place where you can try out programming algorithms with their "Try it yourself" approach. The tutorials start from a basic level and move all the way up to complete professional references. You can also be inspired by tons of great examples and play around with different kinds of coding.


Aeronautics / Space, Agriculture & Energy, Bio Chem Tech, Commerce / Retail, Consultancy & Project Management, Creative industries (arts, culture, entertainment), Daily life, Disaster management, Environment & Climate, Financial services, Health & Wellbeing, Maritime industry, Mobility, NGOs & Social Ventures, Study / Education & Learning, Tourism, Textiles & Fashion, Transport & logistics, Work /employment
Job Types
IT Support, Computer Programmer, Software Developer, IT Technician, System Analyst, Network Engineer, UI/UX/Graphics Designer, Computer Scientist, IT/Cyber Security Specialist, Data Scientist/Analyst/Engineer, Multimedia Artist, Other
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